This publication supplies results obtained by the fist practical application of the methodology explained in the handbook Metodo per creare banche di dati sugli archivi della popolazione. All results have been obtained through several queries on a more advanced database.

All queries refer to BDM, Banca Dati Marcorengo, abbreviation for Banca Dati Parrocchia di San Pietro di Marcorengo, CEI code 5140111, period from 1673 to 1923.

The analyses refer to Marcorengo, small town in the province of Torino (parish in the diocese of Casale Monferrato) but they can also be extended in the same way to any other parish or municipality.

Such handbook is aimed at supplying useful indications to create other similar databases to stimulate transcription on databases of all registrations of baptisms, births, marriages and deaths prior to 1899.